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Company History

Algys Autos Imports Ltd was founded in 1995 in the UK and concentrated primarily on the Japanese Import Market. After rapid expansion the Company formulated and introduced the unique Import Scheme.

It proved to be a massive success and Algys Autos continued to fine-tune it and improve the infrastructure. They shortly became THE Import Company in the UK where most customers, private and trade, approached to get a specific vehicle from Japan or Singapore imported and registered in the UK. This was all done for cost price + a fixed commission fee. Soon Algys Autos had expanded its sales to include not only the entire uk but Europe and beyond! Algys Autos moved their HQ to Limassol Cyprus and are now actively importing cars for the Cyprus market from the UK and Japan via the Import Scheme. Algys Autos (Cyprus) Ltd offer Cyprus cars for sale at the best possible prices via their unique Import Scheme.

Algys Autos Ltd also specialised in the sale of the unique retro classic convertible Nissan Figaro. The Company decided to set themselves apart from the rest of the market by offering low mileage, fully refurbished cars. This was a huge task as car refurbishment is both time consuming and expensive. Not content with supplying just the Premier Nissan Figaro, they after 5 years in the workshops Figs4u started to supply the Worlds only Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro! We now supply about 8x Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro in beautiful refurbished condition to any Port Worldwide per year! The sale of these cars has become a recognised speciality of Algys Autos so much so, that the sister company Figs4u was founded and they remain the Worlds Premier Nissan Figaro dealership. Their cars are sought after Worldwide. These appreciating retro classic cars are imported direct from Figs4u are now available in Cyprus! See Figs4u Website.

Company Info

Algys Autos Imports is a Limited Company with offices and garages in the UK and Cyprus. They represent over 300 garages in Japan and have a tremendous reputation in the used car marketplace. The UK garages can offer full facilities with mechanical workshops and cosmetic spray booths and ovens, Nationwide delivery and collection.

They have English, Latvian, Russian and Greek speaking staff. Algys Autos Ltd are the 'Mother Company' of Figs4u. Algys Autos Ltd believe in clearly putting the customer at the fore of priorities and whilst sadly the phrase 'The Customer Comes First' seems to becoming a forgotten memory in many workplaces, it is very much alive and kicking in this Company! If you wish you can visit the Algys UK Website.

Company Future

Algys Autos Imports Ltd continue to strive to give more and more service to our customers. We have recently opened an Algys Autos Blog........and have thousands of active followers on Twitter (Tweet Algysautos). The Company is currently concentrating on the Cyprus market and the aim is to obtain as good a reputation in Cyprus as in the UK. Our Cyprus Team can source and supply any car direct from Japan or the UK straight into the Cyprus garages at far better prices than be found anywhere in Cyprus. Algys Autos Cyprus offer mainly 'high-end' prestige cars but are happy to supply any car the Customer chooses

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