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We have English, Greek and Russian speaking staff and we have 2 Cyprus Car Import Schemes

Algys Autos Imports Ltd have been established in the UK and Cyprus for over 25 years and are the founders of the unique car 'Import Scheme'. This car Import Scheme allows Cyprus residents and frequent Cyprus visitors to import a car of their choice from the UK or Japan at unbeatable prices! Briefly you instruct us the exact specification of car you want and your budget. We do the rest by sourcing via our UK or Japan network and import the car and register it here for you in Cyprus for COST price plus a fixed commission fee. See the links below to find out more.

If you already own or would prefer to source the car for yourself, that's not a problem. Simply hand over the car location and complete details to us and we will again do the rest, no stress, no headaches........AND for a reduced fixed commission fee.

See our 2 Cyprus Car Import Schemes below in brief format and then visit the link for more details and of course send your enquiry to us via the 'Contact' page. We have English, Russian and Greek speaking Staff .

Algys Autos Can also arrange full Outstanding Financial Checks (HPI), Police stolen vehicle, Insurance Total Loss, Mileage and a full 26 point document check for your safety and peace of mind. All with a £30,000 cover! If you're going to do the job, do it right!

Watch our video

Here is a short Youtube Video to help outline the unique Service that Algys Autos Imports Ltd can supply to you concerning the Algys Autos Cyprus Car Import Scheme, click to watch it.

Import Scheme No 1

This is where you know briefly what type and model of car you want to import from Japan or UK to Cyprus and instruct us to source, advise and purchase for you. We then arrange full delivery to Cyprus and subsequent documentation and registration. To read fully about this Scheme

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Import Scheme No 2

This where you either own or wish to locate and purchase the car yourself but then need the car collected and delivered to you in Cyprus with all documentation and registration arranged for you. To read fully about this Scheme

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A Little Background to help you:

It has always been the case that compared to the UK and other European Countries all cars for sale in Cyprus have been expensive. There are several reasons for this:

1. Cyprus is an Island and therefore, all cars have additional freight and associated fees to be added, freight is not cheap nor are port fees and clearing agents charges.

2. Cyprus Excise taxes are in addition to any other tax and is imposed on most cars imported into Cyprus. it is mandatory and expensive. There are also registration fees and of course additional Mot, SVA (Conformity Testing), road tax and administration fees to consider. Cars purchased from Traders or Dealerships also have profit and Vat added. (About another 20% on top of the price). All these features make the end price of a car for sale in Cyprus a somewhat expensive commodity!

3. Cyprus does not manufacture cars or any motor vehicle and so ALL cars are imported onto the Island and therefore are subjected to the above points. It therefore follows that ALL cars for sale in Cyprus have had these fees applied. Indeed the fees were even more expensive than they are today and so the costs of importing a car from the UK today is cheaper than it has ever been! Algys Autos have been established for over 25 years within the UK, Cyprus and Japanese Car trade and have consistently been the premier UK dealership importing from Japan and the Far East. We offer a unique system acting as an Agency and therefore we can offer the customer our extensive expertise and purchasing power whilst keeping costs and taxes down to 'bare bones'! Over the years within the UK many have tried to imitate us and our unique car import system but simply did not have the expertise, reputation or could not work competitively against us. They have all ceased trading or do not offer the entire Import Car System.

We have been working for many years with our HQ here in Limassol, Cyprus and since Cyprus joined the EU in 2004 have offered our Import Scheme System to residents of Cyprus. Our stock availability, professionalism, dedication to customer service and prices simply cannot be equalled. We have the full infrastructure at our fingertips. Whether it be to collect and transport a vehicle from the UK to Cyprus, secure storage, Independent Mechanical inspection, Hpi and document checking, purchasing, freight, Cyprus registration of a car, importation of a Car, motor cycle or even a road sweeper Algys Autos are the team for the job!

We have English, Greek and Russian speaking staff, Algys Autos is a British Company with that good ol' English tradition of putting the Customer first and giving Traditional Customer Values, sadly all too often absent in Cyprus!

So if you are searching in Cyprus for a car for sale, want your own car in the UK collected and registered here or simply want to purchase a car from the UK yourself and have someone do all the technical and leg-work, Algys Autos is your team!